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Thank you!

Thank you!!! What a wonderful First SATF 2022!!!!


We feel so fortunate to be able to bring this new Festival to Texas. 

We have worked so hard throughout the year to make this happened and it did. We can say we made it happened, but the truth is that all of you made the Festival, a successful, an energetic, warmth, friendly and exciting Event.


we want to thank everyone that came from near and far to be part of the first annual SATF.


Thank you to our teams, The instructors, Djs, Audio System specialists (Tim Hall and Fil Cruz), the Venue team, the vendors, the Guadalupe Cultural Dancers and musicians (Thanks to Rachel Beechner), the Evolution Tango Performers, Linda Strano and Donovan Burton (Asado House), and everybody that volunteer and helped us thru the weekend, specialty the coffee runners :).

Testimonials & Photos

Guillermo Merlo

I would like to thanks to Jairelbhi & George Furlong, Angela & Roy for this wonderful weekend in San Antonio Tango Fest!!!

Mariela Franganillo

 I had a fantastic time at the San Antonio Tango Festival with Guillermo Merlo. I like to thank Jairelbhi George Furlong Angela and Roy for a beautiful event… had a lot of fun!

Vania Rey

The San Antonio Tango Festival was so much fun! Thank you Angela Avila and Jairelbhi George Furlong for inviting me to DJ and for putting together such wonderful event! It was great to reconnect with students and colleagues, some of which I had not seen in over 12 years, as well as to meet new ones! I feel inspired after the classes and the great dances I had. All of that in addition to a gorgeous venue, nice people, and wonderful hosts for Gary and me. I feel happy!

Chris Rhoads 

Thank you so much for hosting.  Tim and I had a wonderful time.  Great festival.  We’re so coming back next year!

Jorge Alcoz

Amazing first festival! The location couldn’t have been better for people out of town. The tango show was outstanding, as was the music selection.  The Mariachis were a great extra. Looking forward to next year festival.

Jenia Espe

What an amazing event. Phenomenal teachers, great venue, variety of attendees from different places and a great code overall. Thank you, Angela, Roy and all the organizers!

Frank Haddleton

Angela: The festival was a great success, and everyone I talked to thought so, too.  Congratulations!

Jeannie Martin

Bravo! On the performance and the festival! I know what it takes to put something like this on! Time, energy, focus, organization and perseverance!

Rebecca from Dance Life SA

What a great weekend and Argentine Tango Festival!

Dance Life Studio would like to give a Big Shout Out and Congratulations to our instructors Angela Avila and Roy Montejano (@tangoinsanantonio) for such and amazing event!

Michelle Josey  

Cheers to the first tango festival in San Antonio!