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Angela Avila and Roy Montejano
(Intro to Tango: Beginners Only)

Private Lessons with the teacher.

Please contact the teacher directly to schedule your private.

Angela and Roy

Angela Avila and Roy Montejano
Argentine Tango is the dance of passion, intensity and elegant connection. Angela Avila and Roy Montejano – partners in life and on the dance floor – bring this extraordinary art form to life for their students at Tango in San Antonio.

Born in Puerto Rico, Angela came to San Antonio in 1979 to establish a career in the arts. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Our Lady of the Lake University and worked as a commercial graphic design artist for several San Antonio companies.  

But her growing passion for Argentine Tango led her in 1999 to co-found the SA Tanguero Group and switch professional gears by opening her own dance school, Tango In San Antonio.  Roy, a local San Antonio first responder by day, has partnered with Angela since 2007 to teach weekly group classes, individual lessons and multi-day workshops that draw student dancers from San Antonio and throughout South and Central Texas. Take one look at Angela and Roy on the dance floor and you’ll understand why the Tango holds such allure.

As teachers, they emphasize fundamentals and form as they help students master the complex and beautiful step sequences.  “Work on the foundation, make it strong, and everything else will fall into place” is their philosophy.

Tango in San Antonio welcomes dance leaders and followers of all ages, performance levels and cultural backgrounds.  This elegant and sensual art form is great for developing greater strength, balance, overall fitness and confidence. 

Angela and Roy are Certified Argentine Tango Instructors through the Artango School of Boston and have continued to develop their own dance through periodic sabbaticals with Artango founder Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo, a Tony-winning choreographer and internationally renowned performer. Their studies have also taken them to Argentina, the Dominican Republic, and Canada to work with Tango luminaries George and Jairelblhi Furlong, Fernada Ghi, Nito and Elba Garcia, Marcus Questas, Daniel Trenner, Brooke Burdett and Florencia Tacetti.

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