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Role Balance

The organizers of SATF understands how frustrating it is to attend a festival where there is not an equal number of leaders and followers.  Although you DO NOT need a partner to attend the festival, we would appreciate your cooperation in registering with a partner or register early enough as an individual (No later than SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2023) so that we can better achieve role balance for the classes.


Although we will do our best to role balance the classes, we cannot guarantee a partner per dancer, nor can we be responsible for your partner’s experience level in the class. Therefore, to maximize your class time, it is always best to bring your own partner.


Please note that once online registration is closed, you will only be able to sign up for classes a la cart or at the door.  We will welcome you but we cannot guarantee you a partner.

Dear Dancers

For us to keep things organized and gender balanced (as much as possible) for the workshops please let us know the classes you will be attending. 


You are allowed to change your mind on the workshops you would like to take, just make sure to let us know. Be aware that making changes on the classes at the last minute (the same day of the festival) may cause imbalance in the classes.


If you are with a partner making changes will not cause any imbalance.


Please provide the following information:

  1. Date of Workshop

  2. Instructors Name

  3. Time and Level


Here is the link of the workshop schedule and details.

Click here for SCHEDULE | CLASSES



Level and Class Guidelines

For your own benefit and for the well-being of the other students in the class, it is essential that you choose a level of class that is appropriate for your skill level.

  • Musicality Classes: Are for all levels.

  • Intermediate: You are familiar with fundamental tango vocabulary and comfortable leading/following patterns. These classes will challenge you to develop new combinations and gain confidence in creating dynamic steps.

  • Advanced: You are looking to gain targeted training in the class topic to achieve better quality of movement and integrate different steps. You should be comfortable with the topic and ready to dive into the specifics of technique and execution.


Please arrive 5 to 10 mins prior to the class to avoid interruptions and the instructors can start right on time.


Video and still cameras are not allowed to be used during the instructional part of the class, The instructors will be taking a few minutes at the end of the class to record the summary of the workshop.


Have fun at the workshops and your politeness with the instructors and others in the class will make the event a better place.


·       100% refund for cancellations up to Friday, August 25, 2023 to the festival.

·       50% refund for cancellations up to Friday, September 8, 2023 to the festival.

·       No refund for cancellations to the festival STARTING SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2023 (1:00 AM).

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