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Guest Instructors DJs

We are happy to bring you our Texas DJs to our San Antonio Tango Festival 2023.


Vania Rey
Friday Night DJ
THEME MILONGA: Colorful Night

Vania began DJing tango in 2008, and over the years she has witnessed a constant evolution both in her musical preferences and in her DJ style. A tango teacher since 2002, her greatest strength as a DJ has been to stay conscious of that development, because it permits her to relate to and play for dancers with wide spread of experience and skill levels.


Aside from hosting/DJing a monthly milonga in Austin, TX, she travels regularly to teach and DJ tango around the world, thus far having had the opportunity to play for dancers in over 50 cities on 3 continents. Those events include the big, national festivals and marathons, but also the more intimate, local milongas, including various locations in Buenos Aires.


Vania maintains a close network of tango DJ friends, which has been a way to share and discuss ideas about history, trends, fashions, and technology in the ever-changing tango music world.


John Turci-Escobar
Saturday Night DJ
THEME MILONGA: Black and White

John Turci-Escobar teaches music theory at The University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on tango music, dance, history, and culture. He has lectured on tango topics in universities in the U.S.A., Argentina, and Brazil, given pre-concert lectures, and appeared as a guest on radio streaming platforms such as the BBC. John is an enthusiastic tango dancer and regularly DJs in Texas and beyond.


George Furlong
Sunday Night DJ

George enjoys using all eras of tango music, from 1920s to 2020!  By varying the tempo, energy and intensity of the music, He provides a wide range of emotions   George, with his wife and partner Jairelbhi, have hosted a milonga in Dallas, Texas for 18 years, and his focus as DJ is simple; keep people dancing!!

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