The Teachers
We are happy to bring you high quality teachers to our first 2022 San Antonio Tango Festival.
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Guillermo Merlo 


Guillermo Merlo is a true legend in the world of Argentine tango. He has a realization of over 30 years of outstanding experience in Argentine Tango. 


A dancer, performer, choreographer, instructor and Coach. Guillermo Merlo was the recipient of the 1997 and 1998 TONY AWARD for Best Choreography for the show ‘Forever Tango” on Broadway. Guillermo and his partner won 1ST place in the World Argentine Tango Championship in 1999, and had the honor of being the first non-Asians ever invited to perform at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo.


Guillermo served as a judge at The Tango Mundial, The World Competition for Argentine Tango in Montreal, Canada and ATUSA Argentine Tango USA Official Championship and Festival in San Francisco California.



Helen Wang


Helen Wang, a professional tango dancer from NYC with over 8 years of experience in performing, teaching and choreographing. She won 1st place at the USA Tango Championship NYC "Stage" Tango with her dance partner in 2013. She has performed at Lincoln Center in NYC, major theaters and milongas in USA and was the main dancer in a theater piece directed by Hector Zaraspe (creator of Tango Pasion), to list a few. 


Since discovering Argentine tango in Buenos Aires, she did intensive training with renowned masters in Argentina of Tango Salon and the stage category. Her profound understanding of the dance is based on her studies with the maestros in all dance disciplines as well as her continuous own self research. Her intellectual approach to tango has made her a respectable tango instructor. She has a skilled teaching style that simplifies complex dance figures. Her dance is distinctive, sensual and playful with humor.


Guillermo Merlo and Helen Wang


Since the first time Guillermo and Helen embraced each other on the dance floor, they’ve been inseparable. Helen’s sensuality in the dance is captivating and Guillermo’s energy, infectious. They are a unique tango couple with different backgrounds and experience that brings passion, romance and elegance together - a first in the tango history with such a powerful and extraordinary combination. Intensity, sensuality, emotions, connection are all the things that they remind us why we love Argentine tango. 

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